What are the 3 simple steps?

1. Measure

The first step is to measure the impact you are having now, today. Recycling is simply not enough. You need a thorough energy audit to examine your utility bills, the goods and services that you buy and the things you sell to see where your biggest impacts are. Only when you can see where the energy and cost saving opportunities lie can you take effective action.

2. Optimise

Now that you have a true picture of what’s really happening you can act. A Sustineo energy audit will give you a list of ideas about where you can save energy and, if you’d like, a roadmap to reducing your emissions or an eco-design review of your product. We can also help you pinpoint potential non-energy projects.

3. Restore

It’s a simple fact that we are making a mess of our planet. But by being honest about where we are now and carefully planning how we go forward, we can make a difference. But we have to change things now. The third and final step on your journey is about going beyond the call of duty and making good things happen for society and the living world. It’s about setting an example for all to follow.