Restore faith in your brand and our future

We are making a mess of our planet. Fact. But we can change the direction we’re going in if we start by recognising where we are, honestly, and then carefully planning how we go forward. The third and final step on your journey is about going beyond the call of duty and making good things happen for society and the living world. It’s about setting an example for all to follow. It’s about restoring faith and hope in your brand and in our future.

One of the most practical things you can do right now is to purchase carbon offsets. Sustineo will help you here, with advice, planning and taking part in suitable global or local offsetting initiatives, or even carbon insetting where the projects are actually embedded within your business’s supply chain.

If you’d like to learn a little more about moving towards a generative business model, we recommend reading Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics (2017).

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Who is Kate Raworth?

Kate Raworth is an English economist working for the University of Oxford. She is known for her work on the ‘doughnut economy’, which she understands as an economic model that balances between essential human needs and planetary boundaries. We liked it so much we have reframed her ‘corporate to-do list’ in our one question quiz. The beauty of Raworth’s to-do list is in its succinctness. It sets an aspirational path towards becoming a truly generative business model.