Carbon Reduction Planning

Ensure Your Carbon Planning is Credible

Sustineo makes Sustainability Simple, using our 3 Step approach: Measure, Optimise and Restore. A carbon reduction plan comes under the second step to prioritise actions that will significantly reduce emissions. After a rigorous carbon footprint exercise, a carbon reduction plan can be part of a broader climate action plan which includes, not just emissions reduction, but also climate adaptation and awareness initiatives.

Sustineo has helped hundreds of businesses successfully reduce energy and emissions, saving money and helping to demonstrate better green credentials to customers and stakeholders. We use established tools such as the ISO 50001 international energy management systems standard to create clear targets, KPIs and carbon reduction plans. Sustineo assists businesses cut through the jargon, avoid potential pitfalls of greenwash, and find credible pathways to demonstrate Carbon Neutral or Net Zero status.

What’s Involved in Carbon Reduction Planning?

The Sustineo team has been supporting clients to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions since 2011, providing consultancy and advisory services including:

  • Annual or multi-annual carbon reduction plans
  • Opportunity identification and a method of prioritising initiatives
  • Guidance on demonstrating Net Zero or Carbon Neutral and the role of carbon offsets and removals
  • Establish KPIs to track progress against clearly defined targets
  • Provide a well defined process for data management and reporting that can be designed into existing processes such as ISO 50001 (hyperlink)
  • Support with related programmes such as the Science-Based Targets initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Training workshops & facilitation for C-Suite, management and general staff

Benefits of Carbon Reduction Planning

  • A clear roadmap to help achieve decarbonisation, Carbon Neutral or Net Zero strategy goals
  • Helps get buy-in with staff input
  • Ensures strategic alignment of C-Suite goals and priorities

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