Domestic Carbon Offsets

Help Restore Nature in Ireland

The Sustineo team is working with Irish forestry stakeholders to form a domestic voluntary carbon market for Irish businesses that want to do something tangible close to their own facilities. Carbon credits can be created for projects involving native woodlands or peatlands that demonstrate additionality.

Ireland’s woodland carbon will underpin a voluntary standard for woodland creation projects where claims are made about the carbon dioxide they sequester. Independent validation and verification will provide assurance and clarity about the carbon savings of these sustainably managed woodlands.

We are assisting our clients with “double gifting”, whereby verified carbon offsets (see International Offsets) are retired to demonstrate Carbon Neutrality or Net Zero and the same amount of tCO2 removals are invested in projects within Ireland. Currently, we are working with pioneering Irish businesses with a carbon footprint of 2,000 tCO2e or greater to innovate in this space. This is also a great opportunity to engage staff where your team can get their boots mucky and plant native trees.

Turn Carbon Footprints into Woodlands

  • Assist in the success of the Government’s Climate Action Plan and its afforestation target of 8,000ha per annum (17% forest cover by 2030)
  • Best practice: Engage all stakeholders in the sustainable development of the agriculture and land-use sector. Ensure protection, long-term monitoring, correct species mix and sound carbon calculations

Benefits of Creating Domestic Carbon Offsets

  • Have confidence that your contributions are making real projects happen
  • Generate additional income for farmers and landowners
  • Let your staff get their boots mucky with our tree planting engagement day!

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