International Carbon Offsets

Demonstrate Carbon Neutrality or Net Zero

Sustineo makes Sustainability Simple, using our 3 Step approach: Measure, Optimise and Restore. Once you know your organisations’s contribution to climate change and you’e doing all you can to reduce that carbon footprint, the third step comes into play.

Sustineo provides access to a range of nature restoration projects and can help your business source –

  • Offsets that count towards Net Zero or Carbon Neutrality
  • Restorative projects that contribute positively to nature and communities

There is a vast array of offset offerings on the voluntary carbon market. We can help your business navigate this complex space but, in the first instance, refer you to the International Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Alliance’s (ICROA) Code of Best Practice to better understand what makes a credible carbon offset.


Restore Your Image as a Brand that Cares

  • Verified carbon offsets to demonstrate Carbon Neutrality
  • Nature-based solutions and carbon removals to demonstration Net Zero
  • Restorative projects that give back to nature

Benefits of Creating International Carbon Offsets

  • Demonstrate Carbon Neutrality or Net Zero
  • Nature-based solutions that improve biodiversity and the lives of communities living within the project area

Invest in Overseas Carbon Offsets Now

We have a selection of carbon offsets from overseas REDD+ projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) that may suit smaller organisations and individuals/households. REDD stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. It’s a UN-approved model specially created to fight climate change by saving forests. The ‘+’ represents all the other positives we get from forests such as biodiversity, livelihoods, wildlife habitat, and much more.

Simply enter the tCO2e you wish to offset and select a project of your choice. To ensure your company name appears on your carbon offset certificate, after you click the Purchase Your Certificate button, enter your company name under the first name field.

For larger organisations (2,000 tCO2e or greater), we suggest you get in touch to ensure your Net Zero or Carbon Neutrality aspirations are met in accordance with international standards.

If you are interested in other types of carbon emissions offsets or solutions not shown here, we can always help. Alternatively, you can invest in carbon removals in Ireland. Please click the button below, complete our enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you.