International Carbon Offsets

Restore your image as a brand that cares

Demonstrate carbon neutrality through the purchase of credible carbon offsets, once you are doing all you can to reduce emissions.

For householders you can use the carbon footprint tool below to estimate your annual emissions and purchase a corresponding amount of offsets against a project of your choice.

For companies who have measured their carbon footprint and want to offset the emissions they are unable to prevent, Sustineo has curated a set of credible and transparent options. Simply enter the tCO2e you wish to offset and select a project of your choice. To ensure your company name appears on your carbon offset certificate, after you click the Purchase Your Certificate button, enter your company name under the first name field.

We can also independently verify your carbon footprint and carbon management plan in accordance with the ISO 14064 or GHG Protocol standards, and provide a certificate stating the achievement of your carbon neutral status. Just get in touch using the form below!

If you are interested in other types of offset not shown here, we can always help. Please click the button below, complete our enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you.