Woodland Environmental Fund

Plant Native Woodlands in Ireland

Native Woodland Creation – The Woodland Environmental Fund is an Irish Government initiative to support businesses to establish new native woodlands in Ireland (note – it is not a carbon offset). Sustineo is a registered Natural Capital Facilitator whose role it is to connect business clients and native woodlands with planning approval. Our team can facilitate Irish woodland creation through a 15-year agreement with the landowner. We can also arrange Staff Engagement Days.

Staff Engagement Days – For companies who want to cultivate a purpose-driven and inclusive culture, our staff engagement days are a perfect way to get your teams motivated. In this fun day out, Sustineo provides a premium tree planting offering including Expert Speakers on Biodiversity, Carbon and Forestry, as well as the chance to get muddy!

What’s Involved in the Woodland Environmental Fund?

As registered Natural Capital Facilitators, the Sustineo team help partner businesses with landowners who have permission to plant native woodlands, providing the full Woodland Environmental process from Expression of Interest to Ecosystem Services Reports including:


  • 15-Year Forestry Agreement with Landowner
  • Permission to promote your brand
  • Ecosystem Services Report on Biodiversity and Carbon Reduction enhancements
  • Tree planting normally happens between Oct/Nov and March/April and dependent on weather, tree species availability etc

Benefits of the Woodland Environmental Fund

  • Creates New Irish Woodlands
  • Establishes your Business as a positive force
  • Official Irish government-backed scheme

Tree Planting Days for Staff Engagement

Tree Planting Days – Get Muddy with Initiatives that Last

  • Introductory talks on Native Woodlands Establishment, planting constraints, archaeology & heritage, process of planting
  • Getting muddy and learning how to plant young tree seedlings with a registered forester (spades provided)
  • Talks with registered ecologists and carbon sequestration specialists on ecosystem and carbon benefits of mature native woodlands

Tree Planting Day Benefits

  • Engage your teams with an inspiring team activity
  • Lead your team and bring them along on your company’s sustainability journey
  • Develop an awareness of the biodiversity and carbon sequestration potential of native woodlands amongst your team
Accenture Tree Planting Day

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