Terms of Business

Sustainability in 3 Steps Ltd t/a Sustineo – Reg no. 641124, VAT No. IE 3590550MH. Insurance at bottom of this page.
Work completed is billed monthly, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

  • Payment is due 15 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing or via PO
  • 50% Deposit due before commencement of work, balance upon completion
  • Additional work out of scope of service agreement, and/or additional hours in excess of agreement, to be billed at commensurate rates.
  • Performance payments are due upon delivery of the agreed performance metric
  • Payments over 30 days; EU Late Payments Directive applies i.e. interest due at .022% per day

NOTE: Sign-off for S.I.426:2019/ESOS compliance and copyright handover subject to receipt of payment in full.

Health and Safety

Sustineo complies with the applicable health, safety and welfare at work legislation.
Sustineo works to carry out our activities in a safe manner and remain cognisant of the dangers and potential risks associated with the working environment and work activity undertaken.


Sustainability in 3 Steps Ltd t/a Sustineo is insured to 1st June 2024, as follows:

  • Professional Indemnity € 1,500,000
  • Public Liability € 6,500,000
  • Employers Liability € 13,000,000


Sustineo strives to ensure the delivery of a technically proficient and timely service to customers, with high standards of professional conduct, integrity and honesty.


  • Sustineo endeavours to treat all staff, clients and their customers fairly and respectfully.
  • Sustineo acts to ensure that all services are delivered in a competent and independent manner.


All information relating to the nature of the services, the affairs of the client or any of its customers shall be strictly confidential as between the client and Sustineo.
Sustineo shall not during the term of the project or at any time thereafter publish or otherwise disclose information except in the performance of its duties under this project (save for audit or tax purposes).
The information presented in this document is for the client’s sole use and is deemed to be confidential.


Copyright remains with Sustainability in 3 Steps Ltd t/a Sustineo until payment is received in full.